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Send Me Your Questions

By Nell Edgington

I’m launching a new series on the blog today. I receive so many great comments and questions from readers on the blog. So I want to start a new regular series that answers  readers’ burning questions.

Once a month (or maybe more often depending on the response) I will pick a reader’s question to answer. It can be about anything related to nonprofits, social innovation, boards, financing, fundraising, social innovation, philanthropy, you name it. Each month I’ll pick the most interesting question and write a blog post response to it.

If you have a burning question that you would like me to write about, send me an email at, send me a Tweet at @nedgington, or post it on the Social Velocity Facebook page.

And as an incentive, the person whose question is selected for the first month’s post in the series will receive a free copy of my e-book, “10 Traits of a Groundbreaking Nonprofit Board

So start sending me your questions. I can’t wait to read them!

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About the Author: Nell Edgington is President of Social Velocity (, a management consulting firm leading nonprofits to greater social impact and financial sustainability. Social Velocity helps nonprofits grow their programs, bring more money in the door, and use resources more effectively. For more information, check out Social Velocity consulting services and clients.

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6 Comments to Send Me Your Questions

[…] (typeof(addthis_share) == "undefined"){ addthis_share = [];}I announced last week that I’m launching a new series on the Social Velocity Blog. At least once a month I […]

Bob Johnston
April 20, 2012

Dear Nell,

I just read your article in “Fundraising Success.” Please send me some examples of how people are raising capacity capital. I looked at your website examples and you are showing strategies (we have a well-developed strategic plan) but not successful marketing and fundraising campaigns. Please advise.

Thank you.

Bob Johnston
Tropical Forest Foundation

T Moses
April 27, 2012

Is there a place to find organizations who allow for non-profits to have meetings? We are trying to find places to allow for small non-profit organizations like ourselves to meet. We are currently at a hotel but the price they want per person increased.

Ideally we would have a place for no fee or small fee so we don’t have to charge our members a lot to attend meetings.

Nell Edgington
April 30, 2012

T, most cities have a Nonprofit Center that has capacity building workshops, as well as space, for nonprofits to use. I would also try your local United Way, a local community college or university, churches and any other institution or group that has an interest in seeing the local nonprofit community thrive. All of the above probably offer some sort of free space to nonprofit groups. Good luck!

[…] Send Me Your Questions […]

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