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Catholic Charities of Central Texas

“Catholic Charities was at a critical stage in its organizational history in 2010.
It was time to revisit our mission and vision. Working with Social Velocity was just what we
needed. The strategic planning process allowed us to affirm our core competencies, align
our business practices with organizational goals, increase our capacity to serve more people
and to set a new direction for our future. Our course is now set and we have a strategic
purpose to guide us.”

-Melinda Rodriguez, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Central Texas



Catholic Charities of Central Texas, a large scale social service provider, had many constituents whom they were trying to serve: local parish priests and parishioners, clients and their families, and a large diocesan leadership. At the same time, the recession had diminished their funding sources, and they had not been successful at securing major individual donors. In the midst of mounting demand for services and decreasing funding, it was difficult for staff to know from day to day their direction and priorities. The organization lacked a coherent, long-term strategy around which to rally internal constituents and external funders.


Catholic Charities hired Social Velocity to lead a strategic planning effort to result in a 3-year strategic plan. Social Velocity led a strategic planning committee comprised of diocesan leadership, staff, priests, and board members. The strategic planning process included conducting market research on trends in clients, funders and other constituents, analyzing key strategic decisions, revising the organization’s vision and mission statements, developing a 3-year budget, and creating a measurable, executable 3-year strategic plan. Once the plan was adopted by the board of directors, Social Velocity worked with the Executive Director and her senior team to create an annual operational plan to deliver on and monitor the tasks of the plan.

What Social Velocity Delivered:

  • SWOT, Marketplace Map, Logic Model
  • Revised vision and mission statements
  • 3-year strategic plan and budget
  • Year 1 detailed operational plan


With Social Velocity’s help in crafting a future direction and a detailed plan to get there, Catholic Charities is strengthening their organization and moving forward on the goals of the plan. The diocesan leadership and Catholic Charities board of directors are much more integrated and aligned. Priest and parishioners throughout the Central Texas region have a clearer idea of what Catholic Charities is and the role they play locally. Catholic Charities has hired a new Development Director and is actively working to increase their major donors, driven by the new strategic plan. From their strengthened position, Catholic Charities has acquired two other social service nonprofits and integrated their work into their larger organization.

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