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“Nine months ago, we weren’t sure if we could keep our doors open.
Social Velocity worked quickly to assess the situation, then facilitated
an action plan that both the board and staff put to immediate use.
Today, we are stronger than ever before.”

-Maile Broccoli-Hickey, Executive Director of English at Work



Maile Broccoli-Hickey, the Echoing Green Fellow who founded English at Work, knew the organization had great potential to transform the lives of non-English speaking employees.  Indeed, the organization had seen tremendous progress among the employees of restaurants and hotels who took their workplace English language classes.  But English at Work was struggling.  Hit hard by the recession, the organization was finding it challenging to make ends meet, and they couldn’t figure out how to turn things around.


With funding from a couple of key donors, Maile enlisted Social Velocity to determine what was holding the organization back and to create a comprehensive revenue plan to get the organization on firm financial footing.  Over the first two months of the engagement Social Velocity interviewed board and staff members and reviewed all organization policies, by-laws, finances, collateral, plans and documents.  Social Velocity then created a detailed analysis of each area of the organization (strategy, program, finances, marketing, staffing, board, etc.) with recommendations in each area for how the organization could be more effective.  Once completed, Maile and Social Velocity worked closely together over the next 3 months to create a detailed plan for increasing how money flowed to the organization from individuals, foundations, corporations and earned revenue.  Finally, Social Velocity trained English at Work staff and board on how to raise major donor dollars.

What Social Velocity Delivered:

  • Detailed assessment of the organization’s capacity with recommendations for improvement
  • Comprehensive annual revenue plan with activities, deliverables, people responsible, budget and timeline
  • Training for board and staff on major donor fundraising


With the help of Social Velocity’s organizational assessment and revenue plan, English at Work has made great strides toward financial sustainability. Their board is now taking an active role in building support for the organization and tapping into their networks. English at Work has created a host of opportunities for donors to engage with the organization on a regular basis, all driven by the board, not just the staff.  All of this has resulted in the fact that English at Work is over the goal in both individual donations and earned income, overperforming on the categories the revenue plan they created with Social Velocity focused on.

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