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“Social Velocity asked hard questions of our growth plan, turned it into a compelling ask to funders, and helped us get out there and start raising money. They turned our vision for growth into something we now know will get funded.”

-Anna Land, Founder of Heart House


Anna Land founded Heart House, an after-school program for at-risk children, in Dallas in 2000 and grew the program to Austin in 2001, eventually serving 500 children per year. In Heart House these children found a rich afterschool environment that dramatically improved their overall educational attainment, behavior, and ability to stay in school. Heart House was so successful and the need for after school care so great that in 2009 Anna began plans to expand the program throughout the state of Texas, to 17,500 children in 25 centers. But in the middle of a recession, many thought she was unrealistic to think of growth. At the same time, funding for growth was difficult to secure in Texas since many philanthropists wanted to fund direct service, not organization building.


With funding from the KDK Harman Foundation, Anna enlisted Social Velocity to help her strengthen her plan to grow statewide and create a compelling story to tell prospective donors. Anna, her board and Social Velocity worked together over three months to strengthen the plan for growth, create a compelling pitch to potential growth funders, and strategize potential funders to pursue.

What Social Velocity Delivered:

  • Strengthened growth plan
  • A concise, compelling story (“pitch”) to present to prospective funders
  • A prospect strategy that broke down the revenue goal by number of gifts, number of prospects, size of gift


With the help of Social Velocity’s funder pitch and prospect strategy, in the first few months of fundraising, Heart House has already raised 32% of the growth funding they need and are well on their way to meeting their goal. They plan to begin expansion to a new Texas city next year.

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