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IHS - Hawaii

“Social Velocity’s analysis and recommendations turned on the lightbulb for me.
We’re confidently using our resources more wisely for a better ROI when it comes
to fundraising tools and media strategies. We have used Social Velocity’s assessment
very well to move us along and come up with our develpment plan for the next year.
Social Velocity’s recommendations have been so effective in putting us into high gear.”

—Connie Mitchell, Executive Director of Institute for Human Services, Hawaii



The Institute for Human Services (IHS), a large social service agency for homeless men, women and children in Honolulu, enjoyed success in government grant funding, but had been unable to diversify their funding as much as they would like in individual and corporate areas. At the same time, their small fundraising staff was over capacity and struggled to keep up with the volume of work. The board of directors was eager to help fundraise but didn’t know the best way to get involved. The organization knew they had the opportunity to raise more money, but didn’t know how to prioritize their resources to do so.


IHS hired Social Velocity to conduct a revenue assessment to analyze all aspects of the organization, and in particular their fundraising activities, in order to find opportunities for funding growth. Social Velocity interviewed board, staff and external funders to get their insights about fundraising at IHS. Then Social Velocity reviewed organization financials, materials, technology, staffing, planning, and other processes. From this work, Social Velocity developed a 30+ page analysis with specific recommendations for improving each revenue area.

What Social Velocity Delivered:

  • 30+ page assessment and analysis and specific recommendations for improvement in each revenue area


With Social Velocity’s revenue assessment, IHS hit the ground running making improvements to their fundraising function. They hired a new Development Director who has shouldered more of the responsibility for fundraising which freed the Executive Director to participate in more donor relations activities. The staff and board were energized by the specific fundraising role and responsibilities Social Velocity outlined for them. IHS has implemented more digital strategies for attracting donors, including using social media more effectively and moving their newsletter to email. They are also now managing their events electronically and using their donor database much more effectively. Thus, they have improved donor retention. They are in the process of doing more donor cultivation and targeting their asks more effectively. As a result they have been growing their programs and are expanding to a third service site. Finally, the Board has adopted a strategy screen that will be helpful for evaluating new opportunities that come IHS’s way.

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