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“Effective, efficient fundraising strategy can be a moving target. We had tried so
many things that worked for other non-profits, but weren’t seeing the results
we needed. Social Velocity reframed our entire thinking around fundraising, helped
us see the error in our ways, and gave us a new, concrete, evidence-based approach
to follow. Even our board members have renewed focus and energy for fundraising!”

-Meg Poag, Executive Director of the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas



The Literacy Coalition of Central Texas, a nonprofit providing resources, training, and advocacy support for literacy-related nonprofits in Central Texas, had grown their organization significantly over the past several years, from a budget of $70,000 to a budget of $700,000. But this tremendous growth was overly reliant on foundation and other restricted, one-time funding. They had little individual donor support, particularly at the major donor level. Their board of directors did not know how to help support the organization’s fundraising efforts, and the staff and board had wasted countless hours implementing strategies that were not panning out.


The Literacy Coalition hired Social Velocity to help them launch a major donor campaign to increase unrestricted dollars and long-term support to the organization. Social Velocity first helped the Literacy Coalition create a compelling case for support as the foundation of all future prospect and donor communications. Then Social Velocity helped them create a comprehensive plan for getting board and staff engaged in bringing major donors in the door.

What Social Velocity Delivered:

  • Compelling case for support including the need the Literacy Coalition addresses, their solution and impact, and the social return on investment that the Literacy Coalition delivers
  • Strategic plan for securing major donors, including
    • The role of the board
    • Identification, qualification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship activities
    • Gift range chart
  • 2 hour training for board and staff on effective major donor fundraising


With a compelling story to tell (case for support) and an action plan for how board and staff should go after major donors, the Literacy Coalition is hitting the ground running. They have identified a list of major donor prospects, have divided them among board and staff and are moving forward on their plan. Their goal is to raise $900,000 in private donations by 2015 and they are well on their way to succeeding.

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