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“Nell’s Financial Model Assessment of MPAC illustrated how we were wasting resources and not connecting prospective donors with a clear message. After the board and staff read the report, we all decided to proceed with a strategic planning process. That exercise, which spanned over 6 months, opened everyone’s eyes. We now have buy-in from our most important stakeholders in the organization – the board – for change. We realized that in order to achieve growth, we have to change internally. Nell helped us to navigate the road to becoming a national organization by changing how we operate internally. Nell’s experience in non-profit management and fundraising proved to be invaluable in our planning process. We are now beginning to implement the strategic plan are excited about this new era for the organization.”


-Salam Al-Marayati, President and CEO, Muslim Public Affairs Council

The Problem:

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) had enjoyed 25 years of success fostering and representing the interests of Muslim Americans. But despite its long tenure and national interests, the organization struggled to build a diversified financial model and a donor base beyond southern California. At the same time the organization lacked a coherent strategy for their future work. The organization wanted to expand their national presence, grow their networks and influence, strengthen and diversify their funding sources, and ultimately increase their impact on a vibrant Muslim American community, but they didn’t know how to get there.

The Solution:

MPAC hired Social Velocity to conduct a Financial Model Assessment to determine what was holding the organization back from growing their revenue and diversifying their funding sources. Upon hearing her findings, the board voted unanimously to undertake a strategic planning process to chart a focused future direction and strategy. Social Velocity then worked with staff and board to develop a 3-year strategic plan to increase MPAC’s impact and financial sustainability.

What Social Velocity Delivered:

Financial Model Assessment

Marketplace Map, Theory of Change

Revised vision and mission statements

3-year strategic plan and budget

Operational plan

The Results:

Because of their new strategic plan, MPAC has focused their efforts and resources and are now working to implement the strategic plan and financial model recommendations. They are identifying outside investors to help fund a growth campaign, are expanding the board, hiring a Development Director, and streamlining operations. Board and staff are excited about the new focus and direction and are actively working to grow MPAC’s impact and financial sustainability.

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