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“Working with Social Velocity has really helped our organization look critically at the work we are doing and how we are doing it. The process of developing our strategic plan created an opportunity for us to set priorities and be more efficient with our resources and our time and still meet the ambitious goals we have set for ourselves and our organization.”

– Jennifer Nelson, Chief Operating Officer, Southwest Key Programs


Southwest Key is a $60M+ nonprofit headquartered in Austin that provides transformative education, innovative safe shelters and alternatives to incarceration for over 6,000 youth each day.  In 2008 they were at a critical juncture.  At their 20th anniversary, they had two important changes they needed to make. First, they knew they needed to begin to transition from a primary reliance on government funding to a more diverse mix of revenues, including individual and foundation funding.   Secondly, they wanted to move from programming that focused on addressing the problems youth faced (juvenile incarceration) to programs that prevented those problems in the first place (improved educational opportunities).  These changes in programming and their financial model required a change in strategy and an operational plan to bring those changes to fruition.


Social Velocity led SW Key staff and board through a 6-month, comprehensive strategic planning process which resulted in a fully operationalized, 3-year strategic plan.  Social Velocity also helped them create a Development Department and hire their first Development Director to raise individual and foundation dollars.

What Social Velocity Delivered:

  • Comprehensive, 3-year strategic plan including timeline, people responsible, deliverables, budget
  • Development department organizational chart<
  • Development Director job description, resume review and interview criteria


SW Key is seeing great results on the goals of their 3-year strategic plan.  They opened a new charter school in September 2009.  They also hired a top-notch Development Director in January 2009 who has begun to expand their philanthropic revenue sources.

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