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Sustainable Food Center

“Nell helped us think about our ideas related to earned revenue. With her expertise and facilitation, we were able to develop a plan for individuals and entities to invest in our program replication training so that we can expand our impact and continue to provide free services to underserved communities.”

– Ronda Rutledge, Sustainable Food Center Executive Director



The Sustainable Food Center, a nonprofit that works to build a sustainable, local food system, wanted to expand their programs and knowledge to places outside their immediate region and diversify their funding into some unrestricted, earned income. They had great content and trainings aimed at teaching people how to strengthen their own local food systems, and they had sold some training and content to a few government and nonprofit agencies. But they didn’t know how to transform those early successes into a viable, profitable consulting and training business that would allow them to spread their impact and diversify their funding.


With an investment from a foundation who had funded their programs in the past and was interested in seeing SFC expand their impact and diversify funding, SFC hired Social Velocity to develop a business plan for a training and consulting project contained within the SFC organization. Social Velocity led the business planning process including market research, business conception and the facilitation of a group of business advisors. The resulting business plan detailed the marketing, financing, staffing and structure of the business so that SFC could launch a successful business.

What Social Velocity Delivered:

  • A comprehensive business plan including market analysis, business structure, product lines, pricing, promotion, staffing, finances, risks & mitigations
  • A detailed operational plan to launch the first year of the business


With a comprehensive business plan in place, SFC now has the roadmap and confidence to actively go after and respond to potential customers. SFC is also approaching large foundations to fund their grantees’ purchase of SFC content and services. SFC plans to have 5 clients in place by the end of year 1 and expand the business from there. The business plan allows SFC not only to work towards revenue diversification, but ultimately to expand their knowledge of local food systems to a much bigger audience, ultimately creating more secure local food systems in cities around the state and eventually the country.

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