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“After working with Social Velocity, I have seen greater organization to our work on all levels. Although some of the work was already being done, it was hit or miss and without an understanding of how it fit into the bigger picture. With a roadmap of how to successfully fundraise, we’ve been much more efficient. It also gave each person a role in the fundraising, leading to more action with donors and prospects.”

- Carly Nieri, Development Director, UT Elementary School


UT Elementary School is a charter school for at-risk youth in East Austin.  They are also a demonstration site for cutting-edge education programs to address the needs of underserved children.  As a young organization with little financial support from the University of Texas, they needed help increasing their ability to bring money in the door. 


Social Velocity worked with UT Elementary to create a comprehensive, fully operational development plan that detailed how to acquire, upgrade, and renew donors at all levels, how to communicate effectively with potential donors through mail, online, social media and in-person avenues, and how to better leverage their board in fundraising activities. 

What Social Velocity Delivered:

  • A comprehensive development plan with people responsible, timeline, activities, deliverables
  • A compelling Case for Support to use in all messaging to current and potential donors
  • Counsel on setting up and using online and social media tools to engage donors (E-marketing, website, Twitter, Facebook)
  • A roles and responsibilities document for board Development Committee


After a year of implementing the plan, UT Elementary has seen great gains. Revenue is up in all categories (individual, foundation, corporate) by double or triple digit percentage growth over last year’s numbers. Plans are underway to launch an ambitious capital campaign in the coming year.

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