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“We were energized by Social Velocity’s report. We are already implementing many of the recommendations and know that this assessment will greatly strengthen Waterloo in the years ahead.”

-Jean Lyons, Executive Director, Waterloo Counseling



Waterloo Counseling Center knew they needed to bring more money in the door. Event revenues were falling, government funding was less sure, and their individual donor base was weak. But they didn’t know where to start.


Waterloo asked a donor to the organization to fund a financial model assessment by Social Velocity. Nell interviewed Waterloo board and staff, reviewed all fundraising activities, past events, client fee structures, financial statements, donor database, marketing materials, website and e-newsletters, and donor letters and other correspondence. Nell then compiled a comprehensive series of recommendations to increase revenue to the organization, which they presented to the Waterloo board and staff.

What Social Velocity Delivered:

A 20+ page Financial Model Assessment with comprehensive recommendations for increasing overall revenue to the organization, including:

  • How to more effectively use board members as fundraisers
  • How to launch a major individual donor campaign
  • How to revamp the website for greater fundraising results
  • How to increase the effectiveness of marketing materials
  • How to increase client fee revenue
  • How to revamp fundraising events
  • How to more effectively use the donor database to retain and upgrade donors
  • Effective fundraising roles and responsibilities for board and staff
  • Suggestions for other earned revenue opportunities


With a comprehensive set of next steps that serves as the organization’s fundraising plan for the year, Waterloo has already implemented many of the suggestions. They are also using the findings of the financial model assessment in proposals to funders for those elements that require additional funding to implement.

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