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Nell_Idaho-10-13 Nell Edgington leads nonprofits that are at a critical inflection point to the next level.

Nell works with nonprofit leaders who are ready to embrace change. They want to break free from struggling to get by, or they are poised to grow their solutions far and wide, or they want to build external support for a solution they know could change lives and communities.

But they don’t know how to get there.

They have realized that they need outside help navigating a change where their nonprofit emerges stronger, more sustainable and better positioned to create lasting social change. They are ready to invest time, energy and resources in finding a different and better way forward.

Consulting Services

Strategic Plan

Without a clear future strategic direction, your nonprofit is living in the world of just doing good work. By putting together a thoughtful, comprehensive plan for the future you will attract more support, increase staff and board investment, and ultimately create more social change. Nell leads a Strategic Planning Process that will chart a future direction for your nonprofit that is bold, inspiring, tactical, measurable, and fully financed.

Financial Model Assessment

You want to raise more money, but you don’t know what is holding your organization back. Nell analyzes all aspects of your organization (strategy, board and staff, mission and vision, marketing) and all current and potential ways you bring money in the door. With her Financial Model Assessment, she uncovers opportunities for you to increase net revenue far beyond the broken model of fundraising.

Financing Plan

In an increasingly competitive funding environment it is more important than ever that you develop a long-term money strategy for your nonprofit. Nell helps you develop a comprehensive, tactical Financing Plan for bringing enough current and new kinds of money in the door to achieve your mission.

Nonprofit Leader Coaching

Being the Executive or Development Director of a nonprofit can be an incredibly challenging position. Through her Nonprofit Leader Coaching, Nell serves as a strategic advisor to help you more effectively manage your staff and board, launch new donor campaigns, implement new money-raising ideas, build key external relationships, and articulate your nonprofit’s community value.

Board Engagement

Your board of directors is absolutely critical to the success of the organization. Without their leadership, investment and excitement it will be impossible for you to build community support and create change. Nell helps you create real Board Engagement, with a groundbreaking board that provides strategic direction, brings money in the door, connects the organization to key decision makers and is structured for success.

After talking with you about your nonprofit’s challenges and goals, Nell puts together a detailed proposal that describes the activities, deliverables, timeline and pricing for creating change at your nonprofit. Because real change takes real time and investment, a consulting engagement typically lasts from 3 to 12 months depending on the size and scope of the project, the size of the organization and the level of change required.

Many Social Velocity clients have used their Social Velocity proposal to convince a small group of funders to invest in building their nonprofit. This means that your nonprofit does not have to pull funding from your operating budget, but rather you can forge a new partnership with funders that will result in a stronger, more effective, more sustainable organization.

If you want to talk with Nell about whether a consulting engagement might be right for your nonprofit, fill out this form. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a time to talk.

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