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“After working with Social Velocity, I have seen greater organization to our work on all levels. Although some of the work was already being done, it was hit or miss and without an understanding of how it fit into the bigger picture. With a roadmap of how to successfully fundraise, we’ve been much more efficient. It also gave each person a role in the fundraising, leading to more action with donors and prospects.”

— Carly Nieri, Development Director, UT Elementary School



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Many nonprofit organizations operate without a comprehensive plan for bringing enough money in the door to meet the goals of their strategic plan. Board and staff may be worn out with endless fundraising events that don’t net much money, direct mail campaigns that don’t meet their goals and countless grant proposals that don’t seem to go anywhere. The end result is an exhausted staff, board and donor base.

Nell works with a nonprofit to create a strategy to finance, instead of just fundraise for, the social impact they want to achieve.

This financing plan includes:

  • Analysis of the potential growth of all applicable funding streams (individual, foundation, corporate, government, earned income)
  • New and/or better use of fundraising tools such as moves management, social media, online giving, direct mail, events
  • Launch or expansion of new revenue streams (i.e. earned income), if appropriate
  • More effective use of technology, staff, marketing, messaging and collateral
  • A system for tracking and revising the plan going forward
  • A budget for implementing the plan (upgrade to infrastructure/staffing/technology/materials, etc)
  • The structure, roles and responsibilities of an effective fundraising committee of the board
  • Tactics for implementation (activities, deliverables, people responsible and timeline)

If you want to learn more Social Velocity’s process for creating a financing plan you can read the UT Elementary Charter School, English at Work, or BookSpring case studies.

If you want to talk with Nell about whether a consulting engagement might be right for your nonprofit, fill out this form. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a time to talk.

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