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Nonprofit Leader Coaching


“As a result of Nell’s coaching, my staff and I, and our advisory board, have the tools and confidence to reach our larger vision for ACE. This was one of the best investments we have made in ACE!”

— Mary Ellen Isaacs, Executive Director of ACE: A Community for Education


Being the executive director or development director of a nonprofit can be extremely stressful and lonely. You have so many constituents to manage and please (board, donors, staff, clients) and few, if any, peers to go to for advice, support and counsel.

Nell Edgington provides phone, email, and in-person coaching to nonprofit Executive Directors and Development Directors on a variety of topics (see below) to help gain new perspective, try new ideas, get unstuck and move the nonprofit forward.

The duration and price of coaching depends on the level of counsel that your staff needs. You can purchase a package of coaching hours to use over a month, several months, or a year.

Executive Director Coaching

As a nonprofit executive director you have so much to manage it can be almost impossible to keep up. Having a coach to help you think through how to create a more effective board, manage personnel issues, build key external relationships, grow your programs can make the difference between spinning your wheels and moving the organization forward.

Nell can coach you to:

  • Create a more effective, engaged board of directors
  • Structure your staff to better meet your goals
  • Implement and monitor your strategic plan
  • Establish or strengthen key external relationships
  • Better communicate with and engage staff
  • Develop dashboards for reporting progress to board and funders
  • Raise growth or capacity capital
  • And much more

Development Director Coaching

A great Development Director is a critical leader of a nonprofit’s revenue-generating efforts. But sometimes you may lack experience with new technologies, new funding streams, or you may simply be out of new ideas. Raising money can be an exhausting, overwhelming job.

Nell coaches Development Directors (and Executive Directors who also wear the Development Director hat) to:

  • Create an effective annual financing plan
  • Launch a major donor campaign
  • Engage your board in fundraising
  • Use social media to recruit donors
  • Develop compelling fundraising letters, proposals and materials
  • Streamline donor cultivation and stewardship
  • Develop more efficient and effective back-end fundraising systems
  • And much more

If you want to see Social Velocity Coaching in action read the A Community for Education or the UT School of Law case studies.

If you want to talk with Nell about whether a consulting engagement might be right for your nonprofit, fill out this form. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a time to talk.

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