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“Social Velocity’s analysis and recommendations turned on the lightbulb for me. We’re confidently using our resources more wisely for a better ROI when it comes to fundraising tools and media strategies. We have used Social Velocity’s assessment very well to move us along and come up with our develpment plan for the next year. Social Velocity’s recommendations have been so effective in putting us into high gear.”

— Connie Mitchell, Executive Director of Institute for Human Services, Hawaii


Nonprofits often struggle with bringing in enough money to achieve their mission. And this struggle is often because staff and boards do not know what they could do to improve their various revenue lines. A revenue assessment examines all aspects of the nonprofit organization (staffing, board, strategy, operations, marketing, etc.) in order to uncover opportunities to increase or expand their ways of bringing money in the door. A revenue assessment is a road map for achieving long-term financial sustainability for your nonprofit organization.

There are 7 basic steps to Social Velocity’s revenue assessment:

  1. Interview Stakeholders. Nell conducts in-depth, one-on-one interviews with the executive director, key staff, key board members, and key funders and other external constituents to understand what is working and what isn’t.

  2. Review Documents. Nell analyzes all organization documents, policies, procedures, financials, systems, and materials to understand the internal and external processes for raising money.

  3. Assess Organization. Nell looks at 6 elements of the organizational structure to determine how well they contribute to fundraising effectiveness, including:
    • Mission and vision
    • Strategy
    • Program delivery and impact
    • Governance and staffing
    • Marketing and communications
    • Systems, infrastructure and operations

  4. Analyze Revenue Streams. Nell looks at all current and potential revenue streams to uncover opportunities for increases, including, but not limited to:
    • Individual donors
    • Foundation grants
    • Corporate giving
    • Government
    • Earned income
    • Events

  5. Review Fundraising Infrastructure. Nell looks at all aspects of the organization’s back-end functionality for raising money, including donor database, materials, systems, technology, marketing, moves management, and training in order to uncover areas for increased efficiencies.

  6. Deliver Analysis and Recommendations. Nell creates a 15-20 page detailed analysis with recommended actions for increasing revenue streams.

  7. Present Assessment. We present the assessment and recommendations in-person to staff and board for questions and discussion.

To learn more about what the financial model assessment process looks like, read the IHS Hawaii client case study.

If you would like to download a PDF describing our financial model assessment process, click here.

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