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Nell Edgington, President of Social Velocity and writer of the popular Social Velocity blog, delivers inspiring, provocative, content-rich keynotes and presentations at conferences, workshops, trainings, meetings and board retreats. She also provides customized webinars to groups.

Her presentations show nonprofit staff, boards and donors new ways to approach their work and strategies for overcoming the hurdles standing in the way of stronger nonprofit organizations and more social change.


Prior to a speaking engagement, Nell will:

  • Schedule a conference call with you to understand your goals for the presentation
  • Develop customized, interactive content to meet your specific goals
  • Make the customized slides available to your session attendees as handouts and/or electronically


Speaking Topics

Below is a list of some of the speaking topics Nell offers, but she can also work with you to create a customized presentation. Any of the following topics can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, training, panel presentation or webinar.

Download the Speaking Engagements One-Sheet.

Financing not Fundraising
Based on Nell’s popular blog series, Financing Not Fundraising, Nell shows nonprofits a new, more effective way to fund their work. Nell will explain how to finance, not fundraise for, the social impact your organization wants to achieve. You will learn about concrete ways to move your efforts to raise money in a totally new direction, resulting in more money flowing through your doors, a more engaged and effective board, a more energized and integrated staff and ultimately more achievement of your organization’s mission.

Where Nonprofits Fit in the Social Entrepreneurship Movement
With the advent of the social entrepreneurship movement suddenly social change, the work nonprofits have been doing for decades, has become cool. The social entrepreneurship movement holds a lot of promise for transforming how social change happens. These renegades are doing things quite differently from business as usual in the nonprofit sector. Nell will help nonprofits understand how these social entrepreneurs operate, fundraise, grow their organizations, and communicate, so that nonprofits can gain a new perspective and learn new methods for creating social change.

The Future of the Nonprofit Sector
The nonprofit sector and the philanthropy that funds it have been changing dramatically over the last 5-10 years, and there is plenty more change to come. A growing convergence between the nonprofit, for-profit and government sectors is altering how social change happens. At the same time increasing competition from both nonprofit and for-profit social entrepreneurs is forcing nonprofits to shift the way they have always done business. Nonprofit leaders must understand these trends and where the nonprofit sector is going in terms of regulation, public perception, technology, funding and much more. Nell breaks it down and inspires nonprofit organizations to embrace change and emerge stronger and more effective.

The Power of a Theory of Change
A theory of change is an argument for why a nonprofit exists. It is the fundamental building block to creating a strategic direction, measuring your work, garnering more support and ultimately creating more impact in your community. It is no longer enough for nonprofits to do good work. Funders, regulators and others are increasingly demanding that nonprofits demonstrate how their work creates community change. Nell shows you how to create your own theory of change and then use it to drive your organization to greater support, engagement and success.

Jump Starting Your Board
A nonprofit’s board of directors is often not doing as much as they could to bring money in the door. Nell takes the fear and inaction out of raising money. She shows your board and staff how money works in the nonprofit sector, where the board can be most effective, how to get the board excited and engaged in fundraising, and the concrete steps to get them moving. Your board will leave this session excited, energized and focused on tapping into their unique skills and experience to bring more money in the door.

Creating a Financing Plan
If you want to move your nonprofit from the exhausting hamster wheel of fundraising to a sustainable financing model, you need a financing plan to get there. Nell will get you started on creating an overall financing plan to bring enough money in the door to achieve your mission, including: all revenue streams flowing to the organization, a strategy for funding programs and operations, division of tasks by staff and board members and ways to monitor the plan going forward.

Messaging Impact
Philanthropy is changing. More and more donors are interested in funding organizations that can demonstrate impact, or change to a social problem, as opposed to organizations that only talk about their needs. If your nonprofit can create a message of impact you will be able to raise much more money over a longer period of time. Nell will explain how to create your nonprofit’s message of impact to encourage more donors to invest in the long-term work of your organization.

Creating a Succession Plan
Founder’s syndrome is a real problem in the nonprofit sector. It happens when the organization’s founder, or a leader who has been there for a long time, becomes the sole decision-maker. And even if a nonprofit isn’t suffering from founder’s syndrome, they likely don’t have a succession plan in place for what happens if or when their leader leaves. This puts a nonprofit’s future at great risk. Nell will show you how to vest leadership not in one person but in a more sustainable, diversified leadership model, create an effective succession plan, and secure long-term leadership for the organization.

Leading Honest Conversations Between Funders and Nonprofits
For the nonprofit sector to really thrive we have to encourage more honest conversations between nonprofits and those who fund them. Nonprofits have to become more comfortable with telling their funders things like the true costs of their operations, the negatives to launching a donor’s new pet program, or why “overhead” is not a dirty word. And nonprofit leaders must have these hard conversations with their board members as well if they can ever hope to strengthen their organizations and get out of the starvation cycle. Nell will show you how to approach conversations with funders and board members in an assertive, graceful way, while positioning your nonprofit to thrive.

The Critical Connection Between Mission and Money
Most nonprofit organizations separate the programs of their organization (mission) from the resources (money) that support them. That’s a recipe for disaster. Instead nonprofits must align mission, money and their operations in order to find financial sustainability, engage their board, and ultimately achieve results. Using case studies, Nell will show you how to determine if mission and money are working together at your nonprofit, and if not, how to align them so that you can achieve greater success.

Speaking Fees

To find out more about Nell’s speaking fees and availability, please call (512) 694-7235, fill out the contact form on this page, or email


“Nell ROCKED our conference. I’m totally serious! Our attendees can’t wait to get started on their theories of change and connecting people to their organizations in new ways.”

— Rebecca Powers, Women’s Collective Giving Network

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