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There is a fairly new concept in the nonprofit world that has the power to completely transform the sector by releasing it from the “starvation cycle” and making nonprofits more effective and sustainable at creating social change. “Capacity capital” (or “philanthropic equity”) is just a fancy term for the money so many nonprofit organizations
desperately need.

Capacity capital is a one-time infusion of significant money that can be used to strengthen or grow a nonprofit organization. It can be money that grows a successful program to other clients, other cities, other regions. Or it can be money that strengthens the organization and makes it more sustainable.

This e-book explains what capacity capital is, what it can be used for, how to convince funders of its importance, and how to raise it. The e-book includes the following sections:

  1. Overcoming the Bias Against Nonprofit Organization Building
  2. What is Capacity Capital?
  3. Uses of Capacity Capital
  4. Convincing Funders To Provide Capacity Capital
  5. The Steps to Raising Capacity Capital
  6. A Case Study in Raising Capacity Capital
  7. Getting Started

If you want to learn more about the enormous opportunity capacity capital holds for your nonprofit, download the e-book.

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