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“I wanted to say thanks for the guide… it’s exactly what we needed. It’s an excellent template for sorting through the future financing for the organization.”
– Guide User

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A financing plan, unlike a traditional fundraising plan, is an integrated, thoughtful, and strategic way to help a nonprofit raise enough money to achieve its programmatic and organizational goals. When you finance, instead of fundraise for, your nonprofit you are developing a long-term strategy for bringing enough money in the door to achieve your mission.

Financing means that instead of asking the question:

“How much can we accomplish with what we can raise?”

you start asking the question:

“How much should we raise to accomplish our goals?”

A financing plan differs from a fundraising plan in a number of ways. Unlike a fundraising plan, a financing plan:

  • Raises all of the necessary revenue AND capital required to achieve the goals of the strategic plan
  • Includes ALL activities that bring money in the door (individual donors, foundation grants, earned income, corporate sponsorships, government contracts, loans, etc.)
  • Fully integrates them into an overall strategy and execution plan
  • Supports the short AND long term goals of the organization
  • Funds the programs AND infrastructure (systems, planning, staff, technology) of the organization
  • Employs money-securing activities that are in line with, not opposed to, the core competencies and mission of the organization

With a clear financing plan, your nonprofit will bring more money in the door, in a more sustainable way, ultimately bringing you closer to achieving your mission and creating change in your community

This guide is designed to help you build a financing plan for your nonprofit. It is divided into 8 sections that should be completed in order. I strongly recommend that you involve other staff and board in the creation of your financing plan so that it becomes an organization-wide financing plan that is embraced and executed by everyone in the organization, instead of something that only the executive or development director uses.

Here are the sections of this guide:

1. Align Money, Mission and Competence
2. The Financing Plan Framework
3. Create Revenue Goals
4. Create A Capital Goal
5. Create A Fundraising Infrastructure Goal
6. Operationalize the Plan
7. Monitor the Plan
8. Next Steps


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