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Move your nonprofit from Fundraising to Financing with
a small group of nonprofit leaders this May and June, 2013.

If you are ready to move out of the starvation cycle of never having enough money to achieve your goals, the Financing Not Fundraising E-Course can show you how.

Tailored for Executive and Development Directors this Financing Not Fundraising E-Course, led by Nell Edgington, will group you with a cohort of fellow nonprofit leaders who are ready to chart a more sustainable financial future for their nonprofit.

Over the course of May and June under Nell’s guidance you will:

  • Undertake a comprehensive fundraising assessment of your nonprofit
  • Gain new money-raising ideas
  • Create a detailed financing plan
  • Hear from other nonprofit leaders in your shoes, and
  • Learn how to move your organization forward

Here’s what your Financing Not Fundraising E-Course registration includes:

Two Webinars

Two 60-minute webinars will help you figure out where your money raising capacity is currently and how to create a financing plan to increase money flowing to your organization. The content of the two webinars will be:

  • Assessing Your Fundraising Function, May. This webinar will help you assess your current ability to bring money in the door. It will cover all aspects of the organization and how they contribute to, or detract from your ability to raise money, including mission and vision, strategy, marketing message, staffing structure, board involvement and more.
  • Creating Your Financing Plan, June. This webinar will help you take your learning from the month of September and apply it to creating a new financing plan for your nonprofit.

Two Coaching Sessions

The group of nonprofit leaders will have two 90-minute coaching sessions with Nell to go over their individual fundraising assessment and their individual financing plan and learn what’s working and what isn’t.

The topics of the two coaching sessions are:

  • Assessing Your Fundraising Function, May Coaching Session. After having reviewed each participant’s assessment homework, Nell will go participant-by-participant to discuss where their organization currently is and what they can do to improve their money raising efforts.
  • Creating Your Financing Plan, June Coaching Session. After having reviewed each participant’s financing plan, Nell will go participant-by-particpant to analyze their individual financing plan and offer guidance on strengthening and fleshing them out.

Templates and Assessments

Each e-course participant will receive templates and assessments that they will complete between webinars and coaching sessions. These are:

  • Fundraising Assessment: This assessment will help you analyze what’s working and what’s not in your nonprofit’s fundraising function.
  • Financing Plan: This template will help you put together your nonprofit’s financing plan.

Two Google Hangouts

Participants will be invited to two 60-minute, private Google Hangouts with Nell to ask questions and hear how others in the e-course are progressing. If you have a Google/Gmail email address, use that when you register for the e-course.

Additional Access to Nell

All participants will be able to ask Nell questions via email or phone as they work through the e-course.

The registration fee ($499) is per nonprofit organization, so if you have additional people at your organization who want to listen in on the e-course, there is no additional fee.

Not sure if the e-course is right for you, or have questions about it? Email Nell at

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