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Social Velocity offers a new webinar for nonprofit leaders every month. And all of our past webinars are available anytime as recordings.

You can participate in any live or on demand Social Velocity webinar we offer. When you register for a live or on demand webinar, you will receive:

  • Access to the live, interactive webinar (live webinars)
  • A link to a recording of the webinar, which you can watch as many times as you like
  • The PowerPoint slides from the webinar
  • The ability to ask additional follow-up questions after the webinar (on demand webinars)

Below are our available live and on demand webinars. And we are constantly adding new webinars to the list. So if you have a new webinar idea, email it to

I hope to see you at one of these webinars!


Financing Not Fundraising Overview

This on demand webinar shows nonprofits what this broader approach to securing the overall financing necessary to create social change looks like, including:

  • How to align your nonprofit’s mission with the money needed to deliver on it
  • Why a message of impact results in more money
  • Understanding the critical difference between revenue and capital
  • Why overhead isn’t a dirty word anymore
  • How and why to calculate the net revenue of money raising activities
  • When to explore new revenue streams

Financing Not Fundraising: Creating a Message of Impact

This on demand webinar details a far more effective way to communicate with potential donors: talking about the impact your nonprofit is having in the community. This webinar will help your nonprofit:

  • Differentiate between donations and investments
  • Talk about what your nonprofit does in the community
  • Create a compelling case for support
  • Target donors who care about your work
  • Get your board excited about asking for money
  • Articulate a social return on investment (SROI) for donors


Financing Not Fundraising: Evaluating Earned Income

Earned income, or a nonprofit selling goods or services, may not be right for every nonprofit, but at the very least each nonprofit should evaluate whether it is an option. Earned income can be a great way for a nonprofit to raise unrestricted revenue. This webinar will help nonprofit leaders:

  • Understand what earned income is and when it is most successful
  • Learn about other nonprofits and their earned income businesses
  • Evaluate whether earned income is a possibility for their organization
  • Determine if their organization is ready toexplore earned income
  • Understand the steps in launching an earned income stream


Financing Not Fundraising: Finding Individual Donors

Individual donors make up 80% of the private money flowing to the nonprofit sector, yet many nonprofits don’t know how to find and communicate with individual donors. This webinar will give you tools and strategies to:

  • Engage your board in individual donor fundraising
  • Use social media to connect with individual supporters
  • Create events that resonate with individual donors
  • Identify prospects
  • Create a system for engaging individual donors
  • Launch a major donor campaign


Financing Not Fundraising: Calculating the Cost of Fundraising

Key to any smart nonprofit financing strategy is an analytical approach to focusing on your most profitable activities. To do this, you must know how to calculate the cost of fundraising for every revenue-generating activity your organization engages in. This webinar will help you:

  • Calculate the return on investment of all your revenue-generating activities
  • Give you the net revenue raised and cost to raise a dollar formulas you need
  • Analyze which are effective fundraising activities and which are not
  • Articulate to board and staff why this analysis is important
  • Provide case studies of other nonprofit ROI calculations
  • Give you a process for analyzing and categorizing all of your fundraising activities

Moving Beyond A Nonprofit’s Founder

Founder’s syndrome is a real problem in the nonprofit sector. It happens when the organization’s founder, or a leader who has been there for a long time, becomes the sole decision-maker. And even if a nonprofit isn’t suffering from founder’s syndrome, they likely don’t have a succession plan in place for what happens if or when their leader leaves. The lack of a succession plan or an over-reliance on a founder puts an nonprofit’s future at great risk. Nonprofits must learn how to vest leadership not in one person but in the broader organization. This on demand webinar will help nonprofits to:

  • Determine if they are suffering from founder’s syndrome
  • Move organization leadership from one person to a more sustainable, diversified leadership model
  • Create an effective succession plan
  • Communicate the plan to funders and other external stakeholders
  • Secure consistent, long-term leadership for the organization
  • Integrate your succession plan into your strategic plan

Leading Difficult Conversations with Funders, Board Members and Employees

Let’s face it, leading a nonprofit organization can be a very lonely, thankless job. And it often involves really hard conversations like telling a funder you can’t launch that new program, asking a board member to resign, correcting or firing an employee. But in an increasingly resource-strapped environment, your job demands more of these hard conversations. This recorded webinar will give you tools to respond in these tricky situations. Participants can submit scenarios ahead of time, as well as during the webinar itself. Learn how to approach sticky situations in an assertive, graceful way, while positioning your organization to thrive. This on demand webinar will give you:

  • Concrete language to use with funders, board members, staff and others
  • Case studies and examples of difficult situations
  • A process for thinking through future scenarios and focusing on what’s best for your nonprofit
  • A forum for putting your toughest situations to the test
  • The opportunity to hear what challenges other nonprofit leaders face

Financing Not Fundraising: Creating an Earned Income Stream

This on demand webinar builds on the earlier Financing Not Fundraising: Evaluating Earned Income webinar. It is intended for those nonprofits that have a business idea and are ready to pursue an earned income stream. This webinar, complete with case studies of other nonprofits that have launched earned income businesses, will show participants how to:

  • Pilot a new business idea
  • Find customers
  • Price products/services
  • Project future business income and expenses
  • Create goals for the business and monitor progress on them
  • Report progress on the business to the board

The Power of a Theory of Change

With increasing competition for dollars it is absolutely crucial that nonprofit organizations develop their own theory of change. A theory of change is basically an argument for why a nonprofit organization exists. In a world of increasing competition for scarce resources and demand to prove results, nonprofit organizations must develop their theory of change. A theory of change is a fundamental building block to raising more money, attracting more supporters and ultimately creating more social change.

This on demand webinar will help you:

  • Understand what a theory of change is and how it can help your nonprofit
  • Develop your nonprofit’s own theory of change
  • Connect your mission to your new theory of change
  • Learn how to use your theory of change to chart a strategic direction
  • Use your theory of change to attract more funding
  • Help your board understand the power of a theory of change

The Value of a Great Nonprofit Strategy

The words “strategic plan” have been so abused in the nonprofit sector that they elicit a whole spectrum of negative responses from the bored eye roll to the destructive desire to forgo strategy altogether. But charting a future direction for your nonprofit, whatever you want to call it, is absolutely fundamental to success.

This on demand webinar will help you understand:

  • Why strategy is so critical to building momentum and resources for your work
  • What a great strategic planning process looks like
  • How strategy can help you invest funders, engage your board and make your staff more productive
  • How to make your board more strategic
  • The steps to get there

Financing Not Fundraising: Creating a Financing Plan

If you want to move your nonprofit from the exhausting hamster wheel of fundraising to a sustainable financing model, you need a financing plan to get there. This on demand webinar will help you create an overall financing plan to bring enough money in the door to achieve your mission, including:

  • All revenue streams flowing to the organization
  • A strategy for funding programs and operations
  • Opportunities to raise money for infrastructure
  • Tactical steps with activities, deliverables, people responsible
  • How to divide tasks by staff and board members
  • Ways to monitor the plan going forward


Financing Not Fundraising: Getting Your Board to Raise Money

It is a pretty consistent rule that nonprofit boards are not very helpful in bringing money in the door. But instead of blaming your board, it is up to nonprofit leaders to get strategic about determining how each individual board member can contribute to the financial bottomline of their nonprofit. This on demand webinar will help you:

  • Excite and engage the board in bringing money in the door
  • Put every single board member to their highest and best use
  • Set up a structure for effective board involvement in raising money
  • Give you creative jobs for fundraising-shy board members
  • Set up systems for tracking and rewarding board involvement
  • Overcome board fear and inertia


Embracing the Future of the Nonprofit Sector

The nonprofit sector and the philanthropy that funds it have been changing dramatically over the last 5-10 years, and there is plenty more change to come. A growing convergence between the nonprofit, for-profit and government sectors is altering how social change happens. At the same time increasing competition from both nonprofit and for-profit social entrepreneurs is forcing nonprofits to shift the way they have always done business. Nonprofit leaders must understand these trends and where the nonprofit sector is going in terms of regulation, public perception, technology, funding and much more.

This on demand webinar will help you understand and embrace:

  • How the social change space is evolving
  • Funders’ new interests and demands
  • Communication and technology trends
  • How nonprofits are rated and evaluated
  • A growing movement to advocate for the sector as a whole
  • And much more

Financing Not Fundraising: Raising Capacity Capital

Capacity capital is the money that every nonprofit needs, but most find so hard to raise. It is money for infrastructure and organization building. If you want to move your organization out of the starvation cycle, you have to learn how to raise capacity capital.

The “Raising Capacity Capital” webinar will show you how to:

  • Talk about the importance of capacity capital to your donors and board
  • Create a budget for the capacity dollars you need
  • Develop a campaign goal
  • Break the goal into donor ask amounts
  • Identify prospective donors
  • Give your board a role in the campaign
  • Gain the confidence to start asking for the money you really need

How to Build a Groundbreaking Board

Nonprofit boards can be fairly ineffective. Yet there is tremendous potential for innovation. A groundbreaking board can lead the nonprofit it serves to greater financial sustainability, more effective use of resources, and ultimately more social change. This webinar will help you develop a groundbreaking board that will:

  • Define what it should do and how
  • Recruit the right people
  • Drive strategy for the overall organization
  • Raise more money and use it more effectively
  • Strengthen the organization
  • Open your nonprofit to greater support, awareness and connection in your community