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New Webinar: The Power of a Theory of Change

feb_08_2158_sunriseAs I’ve said many times before, it’s no longer enough for nonprofits to do “good work.” Funders, policy makers, board members are increasingly demanding that nonprofits explain what change they exist to create. With increasing competition for social change dollars it is absolutely crucial that nonprofit organizations develop their own theory of change. This Social Velocity webinar “The Power of a Theory of Change” can help you do just that.

A theory of change is basically an argument for why a nonprofit exists. It describes how an organization uses community resources (money, volunteers, clients) to perform a set of activities which result in changes to the clients’ lives (outcomes) and changes to broader communities, institutions, or systems (impact).

Essentially a theory of change describes how a nonprofit creates social change.

It used to be enough for a nonprofit to talk about what it produced (or outputs), such as meals served in a soup kitchen, hours spent reading to a child, beds provided in a homeless shelter, but that just doesn’t cut it anymore. In a world where there are fewer and fewer dollars and more and more nonprofits fighting for those dollars, people are increasingly asking the question “To What End?” So what if you created outputs, did anything really change because of your work? Did the lives of those in your program change and did the community change?

That’s where a theory of change comes in. If you can articulate what change you hope your organization is creating, then with that fundamental building block in place you can:

  • Chart a strategic direction
  • Prove your results
  • Secure more support for your organization

And ultimately achieve the holy grail of the nonprofit sector: sustainable community change.

The “Power of a Theory of Change” webinar will help you:

  • Understand what a theory of change is and how it can help your nonprofit
  • Develop your nonprofit’s own theory of change
  • Connect your mission to your new theory of change
  • Learn how to use your theory of change to chart a strategic direction
  • Use your theory of change to attract more funding
  • Help your board understand its power

Webinar Details:
On Demand Webinar
Download Now

And remember, all Social Velocity webinars are available as on demand downloads, so even if you can’t make this date and time you can still register for the webinar and get access to all of the content.

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A Tool Box to Make Your Nonprofit Bigger, Better, Stronger

I wrote a few months ago that we are hard at work at Social Velocity creating tools to help smaller nonprofits do things bigger, better, more effectively and sustainably. And we got some great suggestions via the blog, Facebook and Twitter of the kinds of tools nonprofit leaders were looking for.

Well, I’m happy to announce that today we are releasing our first new tools. We have revamped the Tools page of our website and added a lot of new content. Our plan is to release additional tools every month.

I’m most excited about our new step-by-step guides. These are comprehensive, user friendly guides to help your staff and board start moving in a new direction. You can download our first three guides here:

But we also have podcasts, blog series, and other articles on the Tools page that are very hands-on and can help you, your board, staff and donors see things in a new way, try a different approach, employ a more innovative model and so on.

Social Velocity exists to help those small and medium-size nonprofits who want to be more entrepreneurial, grow their programs, get their board engaged and invested, raise money to build their organization, or break out of the starvation cycle. I’m very passionate about the fact that nonprofits need help to become stronger, better, more effective and sustainable at creating social impact.

Over the next several months we will continue to add to these tool categories, but also create new categories of tools such as webinars, e-books, worksheets, and templates. So keep your eye on our evolving Tools page, and please continue to give us your thoughts and feedback about these tools and other tools you would like to see.

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